Information About Your Engine


1) Read Your Warranty!

A. Warranty covers repair or replacement of defective engine only! It does not cover shipping costs, labor costs, towing costs etc.

B. Failure due to overheating is not covered under warranty. Overheating is caused by improper installation or maintenance (incorrect time, valve adjustments, carburation adjustments, missing or defective cooling system parts, etc), and not an internal engine component failure. All our engines are “Hot Run” tested prior to shipping to ensure components are working proper, have correct oil pressure, compression and leakdown ect.

C. Notify JCS Immediately if you experience any problems with your engine. We will advise you of any steps that need to be taken to care for your engine.

2) Maintenance and Adjustments

A. Valve adjustments, Timing, Carb adjustments and oil change is required first at below intervals

    • 300 miles
    • 1000 miles
    • 3000 miles
      • Valve adjustments – .006
      • Distributor Timing –
        • Vacuum advance units see owners manual for your particular application
        • 009 mechanical advance units – 32 degrees total advance at 2000 RPM
      • Carb Adjustments – See owners manual for your particular application
      • Oil Recomendations – 30 weight Non-Detergent
    • DO NOT ROTATE engine until distributor is installed!

3) Any Questions regarding installation, maintenance or repairs !
Please call JCS!  
Toll Free: 800-808-6557


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